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Have the best time from your holidays to Spetses

Posted by on Saturday, 4 August, 2012

Spetses has an region of 25 sq km, and a coast of about 27 km. Spetses has 2 main harbours; the more recent being Dapia (that means ‘fortress’) which is found in the centre of Spetses Town (the island’s capital) and also the older, Palio Limani, situated close by in the fishing village of Analipsi.

Spetses Town presently has its fair share of night clubs and takeaway food spots, but there is also Paleo Limani (Old Harbor), that is a bit more traditional: 18th- century Italian-style mansions (archontika) that happen to be the property of rich Athenian families who return to the island each and every summer are what dominates there.

The population of Spetses is around 3500 and 4000. The greater part of Spetses is protected by a thick pine forest, that’s part of the island’s great splendor, and is regarded as a protected setting. There’s only one town, Spetses Town, which stretches along the coast facing the Argolida Peninsula.The remainder of the island is virtually uninhabited.

Spetses (Σπετσες) is accessible by vessel or Flying Dolphin from the port of Piraeus or from the lovely local islands of Hydra, Aegina and Poros.

Spetses is well known for its enchanting attractive towns, as well as a rich naval history and the most important role it took part in the Greek War of Independence. It is also the birthplace of the renowned female war hero Bouboulina, whose residence is now a museum.

Visitors have the chance to re-live those brave times, enclosed by remarkable historic sites that are preserved with care and love.

Spetses is an distinctive Greek island, only a couple of hours away from Athens, has been elected the favourite summer house location by the Athenian elite. Cars aren’t granted on Spetses, and also have been substituted by horse-drawn carriages and licensed taxis.

Spetses town (aka Kastelli) is found on the harbor and inland in a lazy fashion, with most of its neoclassical mansions partly invisible from envious eyes by high walls and plants. A lot of the town’s street life occurs on the primary square, the Dapia, the name also presented to the harbor where the ferry boats and hydrofoils now arrive. The huge bulk of the 19th-century Poseidon Hotel characterizes the west end of the port.

The mainland is a ten-minute water-taxi ride from Spetses. This means that you can easily check out the ancient theatre of Epidavros, the old capital of Greece and also Mycenae (one hour’s drive away). Last however, not least, half an hour away by speedy hovercraft is the attractive and cosmopolitan island of Hydra. More compact holiday boats sail from the island of Spetses to the village of Kosta on the mainland, and you’ll discover a nice beachfront.

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